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China International Students Council (CISC)

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Welcome to the website of the China International Students Council (CISC). The CISC is a non-governmental organization set up to promote the interests of international students studying in China and help Chinese educational institutions prepare study programs to suit international students. We are the link between you and the Chinese educational institutions.

Top Ranking Medical Schools

If you want to study medicine, consideration should be paid to the number of top ranking medical schools in China. Not only will China prove to be an unforgettable experience, but the medical schools promote discipline and a number of other significant characteristics that are crucial for the success of any medical student. The China International Students Council, or CISC, has actively encouraged a number of medical schools to become more attractive to foreign medical students by improving and developing their current study programs and materials to be more accommodating to western students. The CISA is a non-governmental organization that was founded in order to promote many of China's top ranking medical schools to meet the needs of foreign interests and assist the Chinese educational institutions in revising their programs. With the assistance of CISC, medical students are able to obtain an exceptional opportunity to pursue their medical studies and enjoy the diversity that is offered by China. The universities and colleges which are represented by CISC must comply with a number of prescribed regulations, which have been set out by the Chinese Ministry of Education. These regulations that have been adopted by a number of the top ranking medical schools include study programs and materials that are suited to foreign students, as well as safe and secure accommodation.

The top ranking medical schools in China place great importance on developing a strong school spirit. The medical colleges in China characterize school sprit with conscientiousness, hard work, discipline, practicality, pioneering, innovation, and uniqueness. When students pursue their medical training in China, they are taught to focus on humanitarian issues, and in so doing, medical students are able to demonstrate compassion when they care for the sick and injured. There are a number of advantages which are associated with medical studies in China - not only are students able to gain entry into the top ranking medical schools in China, but furthermore, students are able to experience, learn, and enjoy an ancient culture that is enchanting. China is a different, appealing, and ethnically rich country which has an incredible history. A number of medical students are looking to China to gain entry to the many top ranking medical schools, not only to advance their medical career, but to enjoy a once in a lifetime experience.

If you have an interest in completing your medical studies in the top ranking medical school in China, China Study's services will assist you with offering access to practical services that will make certain that you will benefit from studying at a CISC regulation medical school. China Study will assist the medical student to correctly complete their application, and in so doing, will ensure that they comply with the requirements in order to gain access into China, and into one of the top ranking medical schools. Please feel free to view our website,, and look forward to enhancing your studies in a country that is rich in enhancing and mesmerizing culture and tradition.


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