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China International Students Council (CISC)

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Welcome to the website of the China International Students Council (CISC). The CISC is a non-governmental organization set up to promote the interests of international students studying in China and help Chinese educational institutions prepare study programs to suit international students. We are the link between you and the Chinese educational institutions.

Study Medicine In China

China Study will afford medical students who wish to study medicine in China with the assistance necessary to gain entry into the many CISA regulated medical colleges in China. For any student completing or undertaking studies in China will gain numerous benefits for a culturally-rich and disciplined study program, and in light of the fact that China is one of the most economically stable regions in the world, deciding to study medicine in China is a wise choice. In fact, for the medical students opting to study medicine in China, this decision will indeed prove to be an opportunity of a lifetime, and there are numerous well-known and exceptional medical colleges from which to select. When deciding to study medicine in China, the medical student will gain a clearer perspective of the Chinese medicinal skills and will further learn how to incorporate these skills into the western culture. China is becoming an incredible adventure for many students in that they are able to combine their studies with the prospect to broaden their horizons and learn more about an age-old culture that is steeped in tradition and rich and intriguing heritage.

The CISA is non-governmental organization which was founded in a bid to encourage and promote China as foreign interest for medical students wishing to complete their medical training. With the assistance of the CISA, a number of China's medical colleges began to develop and improve upon their existing study materials and programs which have allowed them to become more beneficial to western cultures. Due to the fact that many of China's medical colleges implemented the necessary requirements that were prescribed by the CISA, foreign medical students are taking advantage of this once in a lifetime prospect and are opting to study medicine in China. Not only will medical students gain vast benefit from a superior level of medical education, but students will learn from a diverse and rich heritage. In accordance with the CISA requirements, which is carefully regulated by the Chinese Ministry of Education, the study programs must be in presented in English, and those who opt to study medicine in China will be offered accommodation that is safe and comfortable.

Each of China's colleges and universities has adopted a strong and loyal school spirit and this is no different from the Chinese medical colleges. Ideally, the sprit relates to hard work, dedication, realism, innovation, and discipline - each of these characteristics are vital for those opting to study medicine in China. In addition, medical colleges have developed a school spirit that is focused on humanitarianism, again, a worthwhile and practical trait for all medical students to display. If you would like to study medicine in China and would like to gain admittance to an excellent Chinese medical college, feel free to view our website,, and permit China Study to simplify the entire process of gaining entry in Chinese medical college or university that will add benefit to both your practical and theoretical medial studies. China Study will assist students with all the necessary arrangements, such travel and insurance packages, as well as visa organization.


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