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China International Students Council (CISC)

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Welcome to the website of the China International Students Council (CISC). The CISC is a non-governmental organization set up to promote the interests of international students studying in China and help Chinese educational institutions prepare study programs to suit international students. We are the link between you and the Chinese educational institutions.

Medical Schools

The CISA is non-governmental organization which was founded to promote China as foreign interest to students who either wanted to complete or start their medical training. With the assistance of the CISA, a number of China's medical schools began to expand upon, as well as improve their current medical study materials and programs that allowed them to be more favorable to western cultures, as well as suit the medical training needs of international students. Owing to the fact that a large number of medical schools in China adopted the necessary requirements that were prescribed by the CISA, a number of medical students began to take advantage of the vast opportunities which are provided by China and their excellent medical schools. Medical students not only benefit from an exceptional level of education, but furthermore, medical students take part in a culture that is diverse and rich. All medical schools which are represented by the CISA must fulfill all the requirements and regulations which are prescribed by the Chinese Ministry of Education. If you are contemplating furthering your medical studies, China is able to offer foreign students with access to top medical schools and colleges that will permit them to complete their studies in an overseas country and discover the fascination of an ancient culture.

For the medical student, China will prove to be a destination that is fascinating and unique cultural experience, and in addition, China is one of the most economical, dynamic regions in the world, and since China and the United States of America share strong alliances, it is the ideal foreign destination to complete medical studies. Any medical student who decides to further or begin his medical training in the many renowned medical schools in China will be embarking on a journey of a lifetime, and in terms of studying medicine in China, the medical student will gain insight into the Chinese medicinal skills and be taught how to implement these skills into western ways and practices. China is a land that is fascinating and alluring to U.S. medical students wishing to broaden their horizons and scope - the excellent medical schools are the most favorable option. Through the commitment of China Study, medical students will be assisted to gain admittance to a CISA regulated medical school and begin their Chinese adventure.

Each of China's colleges and schools have adopted a strong school spirit that is focused on hard work, dedication, realism, innovation, and discipline, and these traits are vital for the success of any medical student. Medical schools which possess these key values will indeed enhance the medical student's studies, outlook, and future and all medical schools in China have adopted a school spirit which focuses on the key aspects of humanitarianism, again, a useful trait for all medical students to display. Should you wish to find our more information about the medical schools in China, please feel free to view our website,, and China Study will offer you the necessary assistance by way of including travel and insurance packages, as well as visa organization. China Study will allow medical students to combine their medical studies with the ultimate adventure, and in so doing, learn more about this culturally rich and fascinating country. Furthermore, all CISA regulated medical schools will ensure that the medical students have access to medical classes that are geared for foreign students and offered accommodation is safe and secure.


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