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Chinese Universities

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China International Students Council (CISC)

C . I . S . C .

International students can work for 12 hours per week in China during study period. But in summer and winter vacations international students can work more than 12 hours if they have permission.

CISC offers unique solutions and methodology based on expert knowledge and extensive experience in ensuring the China Education System.

Frequently Asked Questions

choose your own adventure?

Lots of programs. Lot of universities. Maybe you know where you want to go already, or maybe youíre feeling a little overwhelmed. Where do you start? Here are a few questions (and answers) to help you think about how to choose a program and make the study abroad experience your own.

where do you want to go?

Is there a part of China youíve always wanted to know better? A state youíve studied that youíd like to see for yourself? A city youíve dreamed about? Thatís a place to start, but donít finish there. Learn everything you can about China youíre interested in: research on the web, read books, ask professors and study abroad advisors, talk to exchange students. Once you have a place or two in mind, pick up a CISC program for Study in China.

what do you want to study?

If youíve always thought about going abroad, your course may be clear. You can choose what youíll study from a wide range of subjects fulfilling your major or just your latest interests. Youíll enroll directly in university courses and study alongside local students or in courses specifically created for international students.

when do you want to go?

Depending on the program, you can choose to go abroad for the fall or spring semester.

how much change are you ready for?

Some places have cultures more similar to the one youíre used to, some less. Be aware of differing attitudes toward things like gender, ethnicity, and economic and educational opportunities. Stay open-minded, learn to adapt to the society around you, and behave in ways that are thoughtful and respectful. In the best experiences, what you believe, your values, and even who you are will be challenged in some way. Thatís how youíll learn the important lessons that arenít part of any curriculum.

how do you want to immerse yourself?

Studying abroad is always an immersion experience, but certain things affect how deep the experience will feel, especially initially. In some places you can study in English while in others,

Especially in places where language and culture can be isolating at times, tutors and peer mentors are often available to help. If you take it upon yourself to get involved with local people through activities like volunteering, conversation exchanges, and university clubs, youíll be amazed to see how quickly you find friends and a new home a thousand miles away.

How can I apply online


Where can I download Admission Form and other Necessary Documents?

Necessary Documents (PDF Format ) for Admission in Chinese Universities

Chendge Medical Collage Forms (For Pakistani Students)

Chendge Medical Collage Forms (For Foreign Students)

Hebei Polytechnic University (For Pakistani Students)

Hebei Polytechnic University (For Foreign Students)

NCCMU (For Pakistani Students)

NCCMU (For Foreign Students)

Sample Forms



Chinese Universities
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