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Study MBBS in China, Admission in China, Chinese Medical Universities, International Students Council, Chinese Hospitals, Institutions, Collages, Foreign Education


















































































China International Students Council (CISC)

C . I . S . C .

All universities and colleges represented by CISC are comprehensive multi disciplinary government institutions, directly under the control of Chinese Ministry of Education. While the range of institutions and locations is varied, all of the institutions who are members of the CISC have to meet certain criteria. First and foremost, the quality of education has to meet the strict standards set by Chinese Ministry of Education. Second, the living accommodation for the foreign students has to meet certain safety and environmental standards and lastly, all the institutions should be willing to welcome you as an integral part of their educational system and should have committed staff to ensure your success.

Chinese Universities Represented by C.I.S.C.

North China Coal Medical University

North China Coal Medical University is a prestigious government
university recognized by WHO and one of the top universities of
china in Hebei Province, China.

Once the only medical university in China’s Coal Ministry, is located in the major industrial city, Tangshan, Hebei Province, only couple of hours drive from Beijing with the Yanshan Mountains on the north and the Bohai sea on the south.

Beihua University

Beihua University (Jilin Medical college) founded since 1906, recognized by WHO 1951. Beihua University is a province owned comprehensive university. Approved by the ministry of education, it is the composition of the original Jilin, Jilin Medical College, Jilin Forestry College, Teacher’s college and Jilin electrification Academy. It is situated in Jilin City, which is famous for its seasons.

The university has four campuses the south the north the east and the west campus, which totally cover 1.263 million square meters with 777 thousand, square meters construction area. The gross value of its equipment is 1.58 billion RMB and there are 1.519 million books in the library. “ Journal of Beihua University” and “Speech and Eloquence” are publicly issued in home and abroad.

Since the foundation of Beihua University, it follows the development principle of higher education college combination and inherits the excellent traditions, which has been accumulated from the four original colleges, benefits from the reformation fruits of the higher education, explored the optimal way the college combination.


Chengde Medical College

Chengde Medical College is evolved from "Health School of Jidong Region" founded in 1945. The college is located in Chengde in Hebei Province, which is a famous international tourist city and only 4 hours drive from Chinese capital city Beijing.

The college covers 1500 mu and its total area covered by its buildings is about 210,000 m2. The value of the college's fixed assets is 300 million Yuan. There are over 6,000 resident students and 1, 748 authorized employees out of which more than 540 are professors and associate professors.

The college consists of six major departments. There are ten specialties for undergraduates and seven specialties for diploma students. The Nursing Education and the English Nursing Education are the "trademarks" of our college which has been taught in our college for many years. Therefore the college staff has the qualities and the qualifications to teach the international students MBBS in English.

There are 51 teaching and research sections, 24 labs, and 6 scientific research institutions in the college. Among them, the Institute of Chinese Traditional Medicine is a key lab sanctioned by Hebei Province to promote and expand the study and research of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The college has eight affiliated hospitals and 63 teaching hospitals. Altogether there are over 15,000 beds.

The college attaches great importance to teaching, scientific research and medical practice. The college has received outstanding recognition for its achievements in scientific research. It is now focusing and placing major emphasis in the direction of research & development. In recent years, the college has carried out over 300 scientific research projects such as the National Natural Science Fund Project, State Science & Technology Ministry Project, the National Key Science Project of the 9th Five year Plan as well as many projects at the provincial and local bureaucratic levels. Many projects have received awards "The Wild Poppy Effective Components & Distilling Techniques" has received a state patent.

The college has trained 14,000 graduates with different specialties who are working all over the country. Most of them have established themselves in key positions in medical and education.


Shandong University

A Prestigious University with over 100 year history 
Shandong University was founded in 1901, as the first modern public university outside the capital city of Beijing.  As one of the largest and oldest comprehensive key universities in China, it comes under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Education.
For over one hundred years, since its foundation, Shandong University has been playing an important role in the education of outstanding students. Many of these students have gone on to become leaders of their professions. 
Cultural and Educational exchanges and co-operation with over 100 universities and other academic organizations overseas. 
Established long-term "sister university" relationship with over 50 overseas universities and colleges
The university covers an area of over 380 hectares with 1.07 million square meters of floor space, with five campuses in Jinan, the capital of Shandong Province, and one campus in Weihai, a scenic coastal city. 
In its 29 schools, the university maintains 9 research stations for post-doctoral programs and offers 74 doctoral programs, 155 master programs, 100 undergraduate majors, and 21 diploma majors in nine fields, namely, Medicine, Dentistry, law, sciences, engineering, literature, history, philosophy,, economics, management etc.,
It employs over 3000 professors and assistant professors
There are over 40,000 students on campus. additionally, 43 kinds of scholarships are available to students of outstanding academic ability. 
The university libraries have more than 3.55 million volumes of 

Shandong university is proud to be affiliated with hundreds of universities and other academic organizations all over the world, specially in the USA, Canada, England, Australia, Japan etc. Its future students will go on to be leaders in their field and be able to exchange and co-operate with its sister universities abroad.

Hebei Polytechnic University

Hebei Polytechnic University is situated in Tangs Han, a rapidly developing city within Beijing, Tianjin and Bohai Bay Economic Zone. It is a comprehensive university which specializes in engineering technology, sciences as backbone and develops humanities and social science as supplements. The current enrollment contains overseas students, postgraduates, undergraduates and adult students. It has 900 teachers with about 138 professors and 350 associate professors. More than 60% teachers have postgraduate qualifications (Master and Doctoral degrees). The university consists of 17 departments, 1 teaching section. The university offers undergraduate courses in 46 areas and two of them are provincial key disciplines.

Non Chinese European University Represented by CISC

Oradea University











Oradea University is very well recognized internationally as a top foreign medical school and as Romania moves into the EU in 2007, Romanian education standards merge with EU education standards. Oradea University also provides Medical School education for English speaking International students who are looking for an affordable foreign medical school to study at. The safe environment and good living standards are reason alone for any student looking for foreign medical education at a recognized school to apply for a seat at Oradea University.
Study MBBS in China, Admission in China, Chinese Medical Universities, International Students Council, Chinese Hospitals, Institutions, Collages, Foreign Education

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