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China, from its majestic mountain peaks, to its mysterious caves and the ruins of its ancient dynasty is overflowing with cultural and geographic splendor. Relax on a leisurely sail along the Yangtze River, or marvel at Xi'an's archaeological stone-age recreations. Macau is a city overflowing with excitement and historical wonders, from its centuries-old temples to its superb Portuguese and Chinese cuisine, and a colorful casino life. Cycling enthusiasts will feel right at home in all of China's regions, where cycling tours are widely popular. Encounter China's unique cultural offerings in the form of Chinese theatre or the distinctive dining experiences available throughout the country's different regions. Expose your taste buds to new adventures from the blending of Beijing/Mandarin cuisine to the hot and spicy sensations of Sechuan food! For a true Asian experience, visit China, a land of archeological wonders, splendid beauty, and fascinating people!

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Travel & Tourism

  •  China National Tourism Administration
  •  Tourist Hot Spots
  •  China Hiking Adventures
  •  Travel Related Laws and Regulations
  •  Secrets of The Great Wall
  •  Interactive Tour of The Great Wall of China
  •  Shanghai's Yuyuan Garden
  •  Huangshan Guide
  •  Visa Application Information
  •  Hong Kong
  •  Official Web Site of the Government of Macau SAR
  •  The Macau Museum
  •  Macau City Guide
  •  Accommodations
  •  China Hotel Guide
  • Transportation
  •  Cathay Pacific
  •  China Airlines
  •  China Southwest Airlines
  • People and Culture
  •  Chinese Wedding Customs
  •  Chinese Fortune Calendar
  •  Chinese Zodiac
  •  Complete Guide to the Chinese New Year
  •  Traditional Chinese Medicine
  •  Cultural Revolution
  •  Chinese Calligraphy
  •  Chinese Paintings-Slide show
  •  Learn Survival Chinese (Audio Tutorial)
  •  Chinese Foods and Recipes
  •  Religions in China
  •  Confucian Classics
  •  Taoism Information Page
  •  Digital Buddhist Library and Museum
  • History
  •  History of Chinese Invention and Discovery
  • Business

    •  Investing in China
    •  Economic Policies and Trade Practices
    •  Foreign Trade Barriers
    •  Business Protocol in China
    •  IMF Information on China
    •  World Bank Information on China
    •  World Bank Report on Regional Economic Prospects
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